Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ethics and Corporate Culture

Please join us for a panel discussion: Ethics and Corporate Culture

The past decade has been a remarkable period in which the relationship between corporations, government and the public has been tested. At the heart of this global phenomenon is the breakdown of trust between corporations and their customers. The increasing frequency of incidents related to misconduct and misuse of customer data has created a climate where questions about adequate protection and fair treatment of consumers have risen up to the surface and claimed the attention of regulators and legislators. The specific circumstances may be different around the world but the trend is consistent. Today’s business activities is more about communities and relationships and less about transactions. The organizations that get this, at the deepest level, are exhibiting the kinds of behaviours that genuinely build trust.

Lisa Kimmel, President & CEO, Edelman Canada
Melissa Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Public Affairs, Sun Life Financial
Simon Fish, General Counsel, BMO Financial Group

Kenneth J. Fredeen, General Counsel, Deloitte LLP

Some of the relevant questions our panelists will cover:

What should organizations do to prioritize their customers’ information and experience?

1. What should organizations do to value employee behaviour?
2. How do you build and maintain good business partnerships?
3. How do you demonstrate that you are a good corporate citizen?