Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ethics News / Jul 2019

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations.

“Skills for future finance leaders: ethics take centre stage.” This piece from the Financial Times discusses the range of strategies employed by business schools to give students the skills to handle ethical challenges in the workplace. Read article >

“Walmart Bribery and the Importance of Anti-Bribery Management Systems.” This piece from Business Ethics Highlights is a reminder that ethics isn’t just a matter of behaviour — it’s a matter of actively putting systems in place to encourage the right behaviours and discourage the wrong ones. Read article >

“Employees Don’t Feel Comfortable Speaking Out.” This piece from Yahoo! Finance reports on a study conducted with ethics & compliance professionals. Interesting results include: “60% say employees are uncomfortable speaking out about ethical issues during meetings” and “only 49% say their companies’ senior leaders take action against compliance failures”. Read article >

“Nike shares slide as Arizona’s governor blocks factory incentives after Kaepernick-fueled sneaker controversy.” This piece from Business Insider discusses the latest in the politicization of corporate ethics. Read and ask yourself: Should politicians be telling people what to buy? Should companies be taking sides in ethical and political debates? Read article >