Monday, June 3, 2019

Ethics News / Jun 2019

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations.

“5 Signs That Your Family Business Might Have an Ethics Problem” (Harvard Business Review)

This story outlines both the ways in which family-owned businesses are well-placed to resist the temptation to put profit over values, and the signs that your family business “is in jeopardy of heading down the wrong path.” Read article >

“Can Ethics Bots Help Companies Forge Useful Codes of Conduct?” (Forbes)

This story discusses how Accenture uses digital technology both to help employees sort through ethical challenges and to gather information that will allow the company to formulate better ethical guidance in the future. Read article >

“Julian Richer insists ethical capitalism is key to business success” (Financial Times)

This story is about how audio retail entrepreneur Julian Richer has made employees the centre of his system of business ethics – including his decision to sell his company to an employee-owned trust. Read article >