Friday, March 1, 2019

Ethics News / Mar 2019

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations.

“Microsoft workers’ letter demands company drop Army HoloLens contract” ( Here’s yet another interesting piece in what seems to be a trend: tech workers objecting on ethical grounds to the work their company does. Read article >

“Jeffrey Skilling, Former Enron Chief, Released After 12 Years in Prison”. After serving 12 years of a 24-year sentence, one of the most infamous names in the history of business ethics is back on the street. Read article >

“Uber Gender Earnings Gap: Discrimination or Not?” This commentary (at is about an academic study showing that women who drive for Uber earn 7% less, on average. Analysis shows several reasons, none of them having to do with discrimination. The question: what, if anything, to do about it. Read more >

“Climate change: ‘Right to repair’ gathers force” (BBC). This story pits environmental concerns against intellectual property rights. Should it be easier for consumers to fix appliances, even if that means manufacturers have to give up control? Read more >