Monday, April 1, 2019

Ethics News / Apr 2019

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations.

“What’s so bad about bribery?” This piece from the Globe & Mail is by UofT philosopher Mark Kingwell. It explores the ethics of bribery, and asks what differentiates high-level bribery in international business from more mundane forms of influence used in everyday life. Read article >

“Companies that want to be sustainable have to start with acting ethically” In this piece, David Grayson, chair of the Institute of Business Ethics, considers the relationship between ethical behaviour and sustainability, and the way both are bound up with corporate culture. Read article >

“Seven Key Competencies To Develop Future Leaders” In this article, Organizational Development Consultant Ann Holland outlines the key competencies of great leaders. #2 is integrity, but several of them are actually about ethics, one way or the other. Read article >

“Stores Selling Less — On Purpose” This short piece from Business Ethics Highlights asks whether companies ever have the obligation to try to sell less of a given product. Read article >