Friday, April 9, 2021

Ethics News / April 2021

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations

The pandemic’s impact on ethical behaviour (Association Now)

This item, written by Ernie Smith for Associations Now Magazine, includes a summary of a recent workplace ethics study done by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative. Read more>

Wastech and discretion: The Supreme Court of Canada on the duty to exercise contractual discretion in good faith (Osler)

Authors Nancy Roberts, Jacqueline Code, Lindsay Rauccio, Mary Angela Rowe, and Kai Sheffield explain a recent Supreme Court decision at the intersection of law and business ethics. Read more>

GSK urged to consider reparations over vaccine trials at mother and baby homes (The Irish Times)

Colm Keena discusses how a government minister in Ireland is encouraging pharmaceutical company GSK to voluntarily pay reparations for wrongs related to vaccine trials going back nearly a century. Read more>

When COVID-19 strikes workplaces, what does real transparency look like? Why disclosure is rare, but revealing (The Globe and Mail)

This article by Tavia Grant discusses the spotty track record of Canadian workplaces when it comes to disclosing outbreaks of Covid-19 among workers. Read more>