Monday, May 14, 2018

Ethics News / May 2018

A recent roundup of commentary on ethical issues currently affecting organizations.

In this month’s first article, by Allison Kanski in PR Week, learn what PR students need to bring to their first jobs – writing skills, ethics and diversity. Read article >

In our second article, from The Star, Aleksandra Sagan writes that shareholders rejected a proposal that Loblaw Companies Ltd. should determine the feasibility of paying its employees a living wage – one that varies by location and is calculated based on the cost of living. Read article >

In our third article, from Canadian Business, Chris MacDonald writes that leading an organization means accepting responsibility for what happens within it – for better or for worse. Read article >

In our final article CNBC reports Facebook has formed a special ethics team to prevent bias in its AI software, with the intent that its AI systems make decisions as ethically as possible. Read article >