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11-Feb-2010 Breakfast Event: Ethics & Risk Management Hilary Randall-Grace, Director of Ethics & Risk Management, National Quality & Risk Management, Deloitte & Touche LLP
12-Jan-2010 Luncheon Event: Lockheed Martin's Ethics Communications: Using Multiple Vehicles to Engage Employees Ann-Louise Howard, Company Ethics Officer, Lockheed Martin Canada
03-Dec-2009 Speaker Luncheon: Building an Ethical Culture: A Task for the People Fiona Crean, Ombudsman, City of Toronto
05-Dec-2007 Speaker Luncheon: Puffery vs. Public Interest André Marin, Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario
31-Oct-2007 Speaker Luncheon: The 'Values Drift' Gwyn Morgan, B.Sc. (Eng.), FCAE Founding President and CEO (retired 2005) of EnCana Corporation
02-Oct-2007 Speaker Luncheon: The Sellout of Corporate Canada Thomas Caldwell, C.M. - Chairman, Caldwell Securities Ltd.
06-Dec-2006 Speaker Luncheon: Do Values Matter? David Callahan, Author, Journalist and Co-Founder, Demos
18-Apr-2006 Speaker Luncheon: Flu Pandemic and the Ethical Implications for Business Dr. Kirsty Duncan, Medical geographer and author of Hunting the 1918 Flu
13-Apr-2005 Speaker Luncheon: 'Canadian Retailers and Responsible Trade: Current Practices and Challenges Ahead' The Hon. Barbara McDougall, Chair, Canadian Retailers Advancing Responsible Trade
02-Feb-2005 Speaker Luncheon: 'Ethics and Culture: How to do business in China' Neil Tait, Special Advisor to the President of BMO Financial Group

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