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Below is a list of our past events.

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18-Sep-2019 Ethical Decision Making – Supported by developing and maintaining an ethical corporate culture Join FEI Canada and the Ethics Centre for our upcoming webinar: Ethical Decision Making – Supported by developing and maintaining an ethical corporate culture. Decisions that are made affect not just ourselves, but often, others around us as well. In business, ethical decision making is heavily influenced by the strength of your corporate culture.

During this webinar, learn about:

The elements of ethics in business,

The role of leaders, including CFOs, in shaping culture which drives ethical behavior in companies,

What the tone at the top looks like for one serial entrepreneur and

Setting and maintaining that tone in a large organization.

The four panelists for this webinar are:

Prof. Chris MacDonald is Director of the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre at Ryerson University and is responsible for the overall direction of the Centre's research and education programs. He is also a non-resident Senior Scholar at Duke University’s Kenan Institute for Ethics. and Board member of the Ethics Centre CA.

Prof. Shai Dubey is an Adjunct Assistant Professor & Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Business Law at Queen’s University School of Business. Shai Dubey teaches courses in negotiations, cross-cultural management, ethics, domestic and international business law and entrepreneurship. He is also one of the instructors in the FEI Canada’s CFO Leadership Beyond Finance program.

Daniel Dubois is a serial entrepreneur who is the current co-founder and president of Key Living. He sold his last two venture-backed companies and joined Airbnb full-time where he managed growth in top tier markets. Most recently , Daniel spoke at the 2019 FEI Canada conference in the Disruptor session. Daniel also spoke on stage in front of 20,000 youth on We Day.

Ula Ubani is the Chief Ethics & Conduct Officer for BMO. Ula and her team are responsible for maintaining and promoting internal awareness and understanding of positive ethical business principles consistent with BMO’s values. This includes development and implementation of BMO’s Code of Conduct, annual ethics training and other targeted learning . Ula is also the Chair of the Ethics Centre Board of Directors.

Complimentary Access for members and friends of the Ethics Centre – use promo code : ETHICSGUEST

Login instructions will be sent in advance of the Webinar

29-Jan-2019 Ethics and Corporate Culture Please join us for a panel discussion: Ethics and Corporate Culture

The past decade has been a remarkable period in which the relationship between corporations, government and the public has been tested. At the heart of this global phenomenon is the breakdown of trust between corporations and their customers. The increasing frequency of incidents related to misconduct and misuse of customer data has created a climate where questions about adequate protection and fair treatment of consumers have risen up to the surface and claimed the attention of regulators and legislators. The specific circumstances may be different around the world but the trend is consistent. Today’s business activities is more about communities and relationships and less about transactions. The organizations that get this, at the deepest level, are exhibiting the kinds of behaviours that genuinely build trust.

Lisa Kimmel, President & CEO, Edelman Canada
Melissa Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Public Affairs, Sun Life Financial
Simon Fish, General Counsel, BMO Financial Group

Kenneth J. Fredeen, General Counsel, Deloitte LLP

Some of the relevant questions our panelists will cover:

What should organizations do to prioritize their customers’ information and experience?

1. What should organizations do to value employee behaviour?
2. How do you build and maintain good business partnerships?
3. How do you demonstrate that you are a good corporate citizen?

22-Mar-2018 Corporate Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: The Perfect Storm Are corporate ethics and new technologies such as AI on an unavoidable collision course?

More than ever before, we, individually and collectively, are more dependent on businesses to supply the technologies that are essential for everything we do (and governments are equally so dependent). At the same time, businesses continue to grapple with significant corporate ethics issues - Uber, VW and Wells Fargo are three recent examples. With the advent and implementation of new and more technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, etc., what are the ethical issues of concern that business leaders should be attuned to and how exactly are businesses incorporating ethics into the mix? Or are we being left without the human input and oversight that are able to recognize and address ethical issues? Will these new technologies change the norms of corporate ethical behaviour? How should boards of directors approach the ethical challenges involved in balancing the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence? How will businesses deal with new challenges to ethical corporate behaviour that are now becoming more commonplace e.g. ransomware, Wannacry, hacker blackmail etc.

Note: This event is qualified for 1.0 Substantive Hours under the Rules of the Law Society of Ontario.

If you wish to watch a replay of the seminar, please click here

06-Mar-2018 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace The ongoing accusations, revelations – and ultimately, consequences – swirling around workplace harassment are continuing to raise questions and spark debate about how men and women can work together productively in the current environment. Join us on March 6 when our esteemed panel, Colin Bohm (Corus Entertainment Inc.), Lisa Kimmel (Edelman Canada), and Janice Rubin (Rubin Thomlinson LLP), moderated by Kenneth Fredeen (Deloitte), look to untangle the grey area and discuss productive and proactive solutions to help uncover a collective path forward.

Colin Bohm, Corus Entertainment Inc.
Lisa Kimmel, Edelman Canada
Janice Rubin, Rubin Thomlinson LLP
Moderator: Kenneth Fredeen, Deloitte

Watch the webcast, and listen to the podcast from the event now!



29-Jan-2018 The Gender Gap: Increasing Representation of Women in Middle Management, in the C-Suite, and on the Board The Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy, the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre, and the MBA student group WILA (“Women in Leadership Association”) invite you to attend the following breakfast roundtable discussion group on January 29, 2018.

“The Gender Gap: Increasing Representation of Women in Middle Management, in the C-Suite, and on the Board”

Join an intimate group of your peers for a discussion-based event where we will explore the challenges and opportunities for organizations to improve their gender diversity. Topics for discussion will include structural and cultural challenges for organizations of all sizes, along with the implications the issue has for educational organizations.

This will be a moderated event without a formal presentation. Instead, our moderator, Leanne Nicolle, will be present to guide the discussion, and to pose questions to encourage further insights.

Leanne Nicolle is The Ted Rogers School of Management’s first Executive in Residence, Inclusive Leadership. Her lifelong passion as a globally minded social innovator has taken her storied career from the private to the public sector, with a primary focus on raising awareness of young girl’s issues and rights. A social innovator, changemaker and advocate for girls and woman, she has dedicated her career to driving societal change to improve women’s well - being in athletics, education and the workplace. The event will be held on January 29, 2018 from 8:00 – 9:15 in Room No. TRS 1-003 (CPA Student Lounge,7th Floor, right beside elevators) at the Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

We note that this event is qualified for 1.0 Substantive Hours under the Rules of the Law Society of Ontario.

25-Oct-2017 Do They Mix? Business, Politics and Social Involvement? Join an intimate group of your peers for a discussion based event where we explore the evolving nature of companies’ and brands’ involvement in social and political movements. From bathroom laws to immigration policy, organizations seem to be increasingly aligning their brands with social and political movements. To what extent should organizations become involved in activities that are far removed from their “core purpose”? How do such alignments comport with the duties or obligations owed to their shareholders and other stakeholders? To what extent is “branding”in today’s world inherently linked to political or social causes?

This will be a moderated event without a formal presentation. Instead, our moderator, Jess Hungate, will be present to guide the discussion, and to pose questions to encourage further insights.

Jess Hungate is a graduate of Harvard College, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He has extensive experience in both operational and public policy aspects of the financial services sector. He was Assistant General Counsel in RBC’s Law Department for many years, and has been a consultant to the Canadian Capital Markets Association, The Canadian Depository for Securities and the Ontario Government.

There is no charge for attendance, but space is limited, and you must have a reservation to attend.

We note this event is qualified for 1.0 Substantive Hours under the Rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

17-May-2017 Annual General Meeting May 17 2017 The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy cordially invites you to attend our showcase event which follows our Annual General Meeting. This year our keynote address will be given by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University.

Dr. Cavoukian will present on Data and Ethics, highlighting the results of Deloitte’s recent global survey Privacy for Sale-To the highest bidder on consumer’s views and perceptions on data and the ethical use of consumer information.

Following her address, Kenneth J. Fredeen, General Counsel Deloitte LLP and Chair of Ethics Centre Board will moderate a panel discussion on the ethical use of data, and how to implement correct governance processes to manage data privacy and security. The panel will include:

Alaina Aston, VP Data Management and Governance, RBC
Laura Davison, Chief Privacy and Compliance Officer, ICES
Sylvia Kingsmill, Partner, Deloitte

Our group of panelists will also discuss the grey area between laws and consumer perceptions and expectations, and the highlights of the report including:

80%of global consumers feel organizations have a responsibility to manage their data ethically.

2/3 of Canadians say they would provide access to their social media accounts in exchange for a 50% discount on their insurance rate.

3/4 of Canadians don’t want their data shared beyond Canada’s borders. 90% of Canadian respondents say they would sever their ties with an organization if it was revealed the organization used data unethically.

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05-Apr-2017 Standing Up for the Workplace: The Importance of Addressing and Preventing Workplace Bullying Standing Up for the Workplace: The Importance of Addressing and Preventing Workplace Bullying

With increasing attention on the problem of bullying in the workplace, employers must ensure that they have rigorous, thoughtful and transparent policies and practices to identify, address and prevent inappropriate, unethical and unlawful behaviours in their work environments. Kate McNeill-Keller and Carolyn Lee will address the issues surrounding workplace bullying from a dual legal and human resources perspective, engaging a discussion on the importance of proactive human resources management and the legal and ethical consequences of a failure to do the same.


Kate McNeill-Keller is a Partner in the Labour & Employment Group at McCarthy Tétrault LLP and represents both public and private sector employers in all manner of workplace matters, including workplace bullying and harassment, human rights and occupational health and safety.

Carolyn Lee is a Labour Relations and Employment Specialist at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. As an experienced Human Resources professional, Carolyn routinely advises employer clients on effective human resources practices and workplace management issues, including with respect to employee conduct and workplace bullying.

This event is co-presented by the Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy and the Human Resources Professionals Association - Toronto Chapter. Members of both organizations may attend on a complimentary basis. There is a nominal fee for non-members.

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22-Mar-2017 Is Canada taking White Collar Crime Seriously? Norm Keith, LL.M., partner at Fasken Martineau, will address this timely and important topic of the accountability, criminal enforcement and the social responsibility of corporations in Canada.

Topics to be covered will include:

1. The “new normal” of criminalizing corporate behavior;

2. How the Westray Mine disaster changed corporate criminal liability;

3. The problem of proof in white collar prosecutions (Dunn & Duffy);

4. Recent examples of white collar convictions (Karigar & Kazenelson);

5. Will criminal prosecutions make businesses “more ethical”;

6. Towards a rationale model of corporate accountability and compliance.

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20-Jan-2017 Model Business Principles to Combat Child Labour and Forced Labour Stephen A. Pike, Partner, Gowling WLG

Intensifying scrutiny by investors, consumers and other stakeholders of the use of child labour and forced labour in supply chains is impacting investment decision making , buying behavior and good corporate governance. Learn how Canadian businesses can address and manage these risks and how laws in the US and UK are already forcing transparency in supply chains.

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