Courses & Training

The listings below provide a brief overview of the current field in Canada and a starting point for further research.  Many specific universities and college departments are provided within the links below.

Ethics Practitioner Association of Canada

This links provides a comprehensive list of certificate, diploma & masters programs specializing in business, professional or applied ethics in Canada including several ethics centres affiliated primarily with universities.

Business Ethics Research Network

Launched in 2004, a research network for business ethics is currently being developed.   Three nodes of program activity including research, capacity building and public dialogue are proposed with a Hub that will have a data gathering and coordination function.

Currently underway is an interactive web based data base that will include:

  • information about people working in business ethics
  • research projects underway in Canada
  • projects underway in the private, government and NGO sectors
  • a public dialogue event listing
  • and the capacity to support electronic dialogue forums around network and network cluster activity.

The concept paper is available on the web site as well as copies of email updates and workshop proceedings.

Research Network for Sustainable Business

A non-profit site intended to create more synergy among researchers and move evidence-based research to practice.  The site includes profiles of current practitioners and academics as well as research articles, teaching resources and information for students looking for educational programs.

  • EDC
  • RBC