Case Studies

Using case studies to analyze ethical dilemmas is an effective technique for providing a common discussion point on a variety of issues and ethical decision making models.  A case study may be a journalistic account of events or a personal account, either actual or fictionalized.  In either instance, the case is used to apply ethical theories, principles and concepts in an effective way that links learning to the real life experiences of the participants. The following cases and links to cases provide a wide variety of topics in applied ethics.


This Canadian site provides links to other collections of cases as well as individual and mini-cases prepared by

A free service of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, CasePlace offers a wide range of business education materials in social impact management, sustainability and business ethics. The site contains cases and teaching notes, teaching modules, journal articles, course syllabi and books.  It provides information on where to find the cases in hardcopy, and links about cases from all over the world.  Free registration allows for greater access.

Institute for Global Ethics

Dilemmas developed from the Institute's seminars cover a wide variety of situations including business, education, family, medical, philanthropy, personal and military. 

Institute of Business Ethics

This UK site provides information on how to use case studies for teaching as well as information regarding various other teaching techniques and materials including questionnaires, films and bibliographies.  An index of several cases is available.

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Based at Santa Clara University, the site provides business ethics cases as well as cases for a wide variety of other applied ethic issues. 

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